No Laughing Matter

Last Saturday we waited for the coming of Jesus because as predicted by Harold Camping. Well, we really did not wait because we knew it was not going to happen. Now, the prediction is October 21, 2011 because Mr. Camping said he was wrong in his calculations.

I was even joking around because of this is probably the most ridiculous claim anybody can make in their life. What is more ridiculous, or I should say sad, is that the man has a fairly decent number of followers. Really? Most of the world thought this claim was a joke and made significant fun at him. What is more frustrating with claims like these is that people who are far away from God are given another reason not follow Jesus because of these nut jobs.

The second coming of Jesus is no laughing matter though. It is very serious and IT WILL HAPPEN! If you are a follower of Jesus, we have a job to do until this happens. If yo are not a follower of Jesus, you need to prepare yourself and take Jesus (not people like Harold Camping or people like him) seriously. This one event made a mockery out of Christianity in a lot of people eyes and that is sad. In fact, I would be bold in saying that this prediction has repelled more people away from Jesus than bring people to the foot of the cross.

As I thought about this more over the last couple of days (and I will admit it has not taken much brain space or time – I have had some random thoughts about it). We who follow Jesus need to be reminded of a couple of things as we live our lives for Jesus:

  • Make sure you know your bible or get to know it. There will always be people like Mr. Camping who will try to lead others astray.
  • Be committed to sharing your faith and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are a ton of people in this world who do not know Jesus and we have the privilege¬†to share this amazing news with them. Do not be shy and know how to lead people to Jesus.
  • Do not get caught up in things like this. It is a waste of time, energy, and brain power. We can be doing a lot of better things than to give time and credence to causes and issues like this.
The bottom line is that Jesus will come again and we are not to know the hour day of when that will happen. There is a reason for this – we should be focused on our sanctification and sharing Jesus with others. Pretty simple. I know when October 22 comes we will still need to have our hands to the plow…

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