Long Time

Life gets busy. This is true for my life recently. There has been a lot of items on my plate; both personal and church related. I was in class at the beginning of the summer in my attempts to move forward with becoming ordained in Word and Sacrament with the Reformed Church of America. On the tail of this, I had a chance to go on vacation (the first time in what seems countless years). A unique phenomenon has also been happening at Grace Church – we have been growing this summer! Most churches experience a decline for the summer, but at Grace we have seen steady attendance throughout the summer so far – this is really cool! Along with a growing church comes a fuller schedule. So, some things have taken a back seat – like bladheadbruce.com.

With all this “business” there is also some things that need to be maintained and even “beefed” up in our lives. Mainly our prayer and devotional life. I have learned this summer that no matter how busy you get and no matter how much growth we see in the church – we must at least maintain and protect at all costs that quiet time between us and the Lord. I say “at least” because in reality we must be “beef up” or slow down even more.

So, as I move forward my prayer is that I get a chance to post things here that the Lord is teaching me. I have a very long list because I have a lot to learn 🙂 But for now – the journey continues and life will get a little bit more busy because we are moving yet again. This time to Allen Park and our prayer is that this will be our second to last final destination. Our last being heaven itself. I will keep you posted in the days and weeks to come as we move closer to Grace Church and Kelly’s place of employment as well.

Let the fun begin…

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