A Missional Life

Recently I have been thinking about how we live our lives in North America. For those of us who follow Jesus, the majority of us live a Christianity that is comfortable. As long as we go to church on Sunday and “live a good life” we are satisfied. I really do not think this is the type of life Jesus desired for His followers (read John 17). Even the last words Jesus spoke to His disciples was to go and make other disciples. This is the essence of living a life pleasing to God. In fact the only thing we will not be doing in heaven when we get there is reaching out to others for the sake of the Gospel. So what do we do. Here are a couple resources that can help us live a more missional life this Christmas. The hardest thing is to push through our fear and reach out to others around us by serving and sharing the Gospel for HIs glory and honor.

25 Ways to be Missional 

Servant Outreach Ideas 


The main thing we need to remember is that as we serve others we need to share the Gospel of Jesus. If we do not, then we are just pushing a social Gospel. We need to serve and share – they go hand in hand. You cannon have one without the other. My prayer is that you have boldness to share real hope this Christmas.

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