21 Day Fast

Recently several of us at Grace Church concluded a 21 Day Fast. This is an amazing spiritual discipline where the Lord reveals Himself to the person fasting as well as the person seeking God’s favor for something specific. Those of us who fasted and prayed, did so in seeking God’s favor and direction for Grace Church. Like most disciplines it is most effective when we close our mouths and open our ears and hearts to what the Lord wants from us and not what we want from the Lord. The following is a snap shot at what the Lord spoke to me during this fast:


  • Seek more of the Lord. Carve out time to read the Word and listen, do not worry about all your requests, He knows them already but do more listening.
  • Take care of the temple I gave you. Eat more properly and healthy and less junk. Also change very small things in your life to be more active.

Grace Church:

  • People need to be connected and the church must grow larger and smaller. Scripture is very clear that medium and small groups are a way for people to connect, grow, and be held accountable to their spiritual journey. These groups are a natural way for the biblical one another’s to be lived out in life.
  • Have the church family seek me more in prayer. Ask for the nations and to be sent out, I will do amazing things through you and in you. This is my heart so seek me as a church family.
Now, this is only a snap shot of what was laid on my heart. There is more stuff, some I have to seek the Lord more in and others are just between me and God. I am amazed at how the Lord works and honors our seeking, then leads us into places that are exciting and fruit bearing. All we have to do is to be faithful and walk in obedience. Easier said than done…

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