Monday Musing (3.17.2014)

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

One the things I look forward to each month is our monthly Leadership Community gatherings. These times are fun, challenging, and special. I am so grateful of the leaders of Grace Church and their commitment to the mission of Grace Church, grow in their leadership, can their commitment to unity. I am encouraged and challenged after every time we meet. THANK YOU!!

Grace Church has an awesome vision from Jesus to reach more people not only in our surrounding communities, but beyond throughout the world. The leaders of Grace are excited about this vision and it shows every time we meet. God has AMAZING things in store for Grace and it is going to be a awesome ride to see HIM do it….

Living the Gospel: GOSPEL CHARACTER (3.16.2014) from Grace Church on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Monday Musing (3.17.2014)

  1. Dear Bruce I just listened to last wks sermon and cried thru out it all! I asked God again to forgive me from my sins and to help lift me up and keep me grounded in His Word! I Pray to see you all soon @ Grace again! May God bless U & Kelly and kids and Bruce please pray for me!! I have been going thru a lot … Losing my Sis in Nov., my dog is extremely sick and I am in Theraphy trying to get over all the hurts that happened to me as a child! God Bless you…. Judy Hatcher

  2. Dear Bruce just listened to last wks sermon and cried all the way thru it! Please pray for me that I get back in touch w/ God as I was! Pray for my dog, Bella, she is extremely sick but most of all MY SOUL! God bless

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