Prayer: Who Has Time? Part II

As I was reflecting on my recent post and working on my sermon, it hot me. We don’t just pray A.C.T.S. once a day and then we are good. It is an ongoing process of giving praise, confessing sin, giving thanks, and asking our requests.

As our passion for Jesus grows, then so does our desire to communion with Him on a regular basis. The our supplications really focus on those in our sphere of influence. In his book “A Simple Way To Pray” the great reformer Martin Luther consistently writes about praying for those who are far away form God and their salvation. Our prayer should reflect the same. There is nothing wrong with praying for illness and plights of others. But there is no greater cause that praying for someones salvation and being used by Jesus to share His Great News.

So the challenge is there. Pray without ceasing. Pray without ceasing for those who do not know Jesus. So the journey continues…

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