Monday Reflections about Grace

WOW!! What an awesome, crazy, amazing, God ordained service at Grace Church yesterday. You can watch the sermon here:

As we kicked off our summer sermon series “Heroes” we were challenged as we looked at the life of Daniel to stand for our faith by focusing more on God, learning and living with integrity, and pointing others to God through deeds AND words.

The sad fact is that followers of Jesus (everyone included) lose their focus off of God, act with the least amount of integrity, and repel people away from Jesus Christ is Facebook. This has been more evident with the recent Supreme Court decision regarding same sex marriage. Now I stand for the biblical, traditional, marriage between 1 man and 1 woman. I have been saddened to see Christians on both sides through hate, judgment, act with zero integrity, and repel people away from Jesus Christ with their words on social media (especially Facebook).

So the challenge was put out by the Holy Spirit to Grace Church that I am putting out for all who read this. Get off Facebook and use the time you waste scanning the news feed to get into God’s Word so the Holy Spirit can transform your life and heart! Pray to be a divine vessel to plant seeds of salvation and eternal life. Pray for those divine appointments. Allow the Holy Spirit to teach us all more integrity in all areas of our life, including using our words to bring life and not division and hate. (Ironically this post is automatically going to post on Facebook).Are you up for this challenge?

Please Note:
I know some will want to debate my position saying it is full of judgement and hate, or people saying that by taking a stand on my faith I have to speak loudly for traditional marriage. If you are one of these people, please know that my position that The Lord has reveled to me through HIS Word is not up for debate or discussion. So don’t waste your time, but put actions to your view and focus on Jesus, act with integrity, and point others to Jesus Christ (not a political or social agenda). To God be all the Glory in HIS church…

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