Be The Church!

I was once a heard of a church that dressed a someone up as a homeless person and had this person come to a worship service to see how our congregation would react. Sounds pretty slick doesn’t it? Well, the church passed with flying colors according to this pastor. Many churches have done this over the years.

Over my years in ministry, I have come to think that this is absolutely absurd! You actually have to dress someone up and have them act like someone they are not. No wonder the outside world thinks the church is a bunch of hypocrites. That is exactly the word hypocrite  means – acting.

The amazing thing that this sort of thing happens on a Sunday, revolving around the Sunday worship service. When are we going to break out of this mentality that filling the pews is the measure of success?  When are we going to stop thinking that ministry only happens in the context of our worship services, small groups, and/or Sunday school classes?

Its time to be the church! It is time to have a eternal focus and not a weekly focus!

I am so grateful for the ministry of Grace Church! As the pastor, I don’t have to dress someone up to see how others react because we have homeless people as well as wealthy people on any given Sunday. We don’t have it all figured out, but one thing we have learned is that the ground is level at the foot of the cross and everyone is welcome, no matter where you find yourself in life.

Its time to be the church! Don’t look at others through our social class stained lenses. Look at everyone through Gospel lenses. Ask questions like; how can I serve? How can I pray? How can I listen? How can I share Jesus? How can I meet a need?

Look around – in a world in desperate need of hope, its time to be the church! Ask The Lord how you can be the church today!

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