Veteran Connection

img_0851I have overcome the feeling of awkwardness when someone or organizations honor veterans. I used to think that serving in the US Navy was not a big deal. As I age though, I have a deeper appreciation of those 4 years of service. I understand more now than back then, the sacrifice of serving.

There are veterans all around us each and every day. Sometime you don’t know the men and woman around you who served. But when I do find out, there is an instant connection. A connection that transcends the military branches. A connection of sacrifice, duty, and honor. I also sense a special connection with those I served alongside of onboard The USS Nimitz. These men and I will always have this connection as long as we live. To those that we served together – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!! We all joined the Navy for different reasons, but for a short time in this life, we served together during Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Watch.

The only other group that share a special connection are those who have decided to follow Jesus Christ. We are connected within the body of Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Those that served and are followers, it just seems that much sweeter.

This snowy Veterans Day, I am thankful for those I served with for their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice if needed, and the One who did make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can have eternal life.

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