17 Years Ago Today

A lot of people in Michigan celebrate and treat November 15 as holiday. It is the opening day of deer season. I celebrate it for more important reasons.

17 years ago today, I made the second most important decision in my life (the first being asking Jesus Christ to be my Lord, God, and Savior).

This is, I asked Kelly Kneiding to become my wife.

The Lord brought us through soo much. Both joyous and pain filled. The Lord has given us 2 awesome children: Noah (born in Pittsburgh, PA) and Abigail (born in Portsmouth, VA). He also placed in our life people who are lifelong friends in this journey. I speak for Kelly when I say we love and appreciate every single one of you.

The Lord directed our steps to places where we couldn’t imagine. looking back, we see His purposes every single step of the way. That night when I proposed, we couldn’t imagine the journey.

Trenton MI – the place we first met. Our fist church together. We love the ministry and people of First Presbyterian Church of Trenton. You hold a special place in our heart.

Pittsburgh PA – Noah’s birth place. Even though it was short lived. We made the best of friends with our core group of Compass Community Church.

Chesapeake VA – Abigail’s birth place (we lived and the hospital was in Portsmouth) and where we served Believers Church. This is by far the darkest time of my life and our marriage. I was an emotional wreck. I stuffed my feeling deep down my whole life and they came to surface during our time here. Kelly stood by me, challenged and encouraged me to get the help I needed. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know where our marriage would be today.

Cadillac MI – A short lived time at Cadillac CRC. God continued to heal us and affirm the calling in our life. If it wasn’t for this time, I don’t know if we would be where we are at.

Allen Park MI – 17 years ago, we told each other that we would like to minister in Allen Park. God heard that and brought us right back to our home. In the middle of our 11th year at Grace Church, we are excited about what the Lord has in store for all of us. The great thing about Grace Church, we can learn, grow, and heal.

I am so grateful for our journey. Grateful that I would have never received the healing in my life if it wasn’t for the love and commitment to an amazing woman named Kelly. Never would have lived out our calling if it wasn’t the support of a wonder-woman named Kelly. I am looking forward to more of this journey with her…

One thought on “17 Years Ago Today

  1. Pretty awesome Bruce …..I think you both are a great couple. And your willingness to be vulnerable shows that it’s a lot of work to be married. But as each other’s coaches and cheerleaders. Not critcizers and hecklers. You share and give and take. You serve and love each other and don’t treat each other like servants or property. Great job to the both of you .

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