Yesterday started out to be a horrible day! It ended with 14 miracles and new births for Jesus Christ! As a pastor, people always call on you for a wide variety of things. On Thursday I was called to be informed that someone from Grace Church’s Celebrate Recover program had died. He was only 19 years old. This led into the rotten beginning of Friday. It was one of those ministry days when I felt that I could not please anyone or that I was even on the same page. Those of us in church leadership know exactly what I am talking about.

Through the conversations of the day of trying to really get our heads around why this boy died. We remembered that 2 people came to know Jesus at Grace Church last Sunday, February 13, 2011. The sermon that was preach was about the fall of man in the garden, called “In The Beginning” This was one of the people who received Jesus! He came to faith in Jesus on Sunday and met Jesus on Thursday! Needless to say, we were very relieved!

Celebrate Recovery was a time to grief the loss of the family. A lot of talk was made regarding salvation in Jesus Christ. We closed the worship portion with the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ. 14 people came to faith as a result. Through the re-birth last Sunday in one individuals life then his earthly death on Thursday – 14 were redeemed from eternal death and are now facing an eternity with Jesus.

The question I have is this – how much time do you think you have? A lot of people think that they will deal with Jesus on their death beds and they continue to live their lives in disobedience. You do not know how much time you do have and I challenge you to start living for Jesus now. You can start be receiving the forgiveness offered through Jesus Christ. You may want to take a moment and gain a little bit better understanding by reading “The Story” If you have any questions, please feel free to contact.

You never know how much time you have, start living for Jesus now…

One thought on “Time

  1. Bruce, I just wanted to thank you. Something drew me to Grace (and I am sure we all know what). My life is starting to make complete sense. It is because of your words I found God in my life again. I know anything can happen at any time, and I am so lucky I have found him.

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