Finally Done!

Well, after 5 years – I have finally completed my Master of Divinity. It was a very interesting road to travel and the Lord taught me so much. When I started, I was on staff at a church Chesapeake, VA and now that I have finished – I am the Pastor of a church in Downriver Detroit. Downriver is where I essentially started my full-time ministry career after internship and para-church ministry.

It seemed like everything has come full circle. I remember that the Lord gave me a heart for the Downriver Community over 10 years ago. After running from the Lord and chewing away at my Masters Degree – I have submitted and the Lord is blessing!

I will add some more reflections in the next several days. But for now, I can’t believe that this page of my education is complete! Praise the Lord for His teaching and leading through a lot over the last 5 years!

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