Listen to the Scripture

All throughout the Scripture we are told to listen to it. Now we know that there is a cultural lens we should look at this. During this time, people listened to the Word, very few read it. But we live in a day that we can read Scripture and read multiple version of it at that.

There is value in listening to Scripture as well. Over the last several weeks, I have not been reading the Scripture but listening to it and picturing myself in it. I have been focusing on the Gospels and imagining myself actually following Jesus around the Holy Land witnessing the miracles, eating the fish and bread, standing next to Him when He confronted the religious leaders, and scattering when He was arrested. I can say that the Scripture has come even more alive while doing this.

My challenge to everyone is simple. Don’t just read the Scripture, but listen to it. Ask God to open your heart as you hear the words. God the Holy Spirit will teach you things that are beyond you imagination. Well, that is what He did with me and continues to do so…

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