Praying and Fasting Guide

In less than a week, Grace Church will be engaging on a prayer and fasting journey! This is always a time when people grow closer to Jesus. April 8 – April 28, 2013 we will be praying and fasting for the following:

1. ME: God, what do YOU want to do in and through me?
2. YOU: God, what impact can I have for YOU in my sphere of influence?
3. US: God, what can I pray for Grace Church?

The above is just a simple way to remind us what we should be asking the Lord for. This is an amazing time of individual and corporate repentance and seeking the Lord. During this time, I challenge you to get a note book and journal. In the below guide, you will have a choice of 4 reading plans as well as directions on how to journal. In the guide, there is also foods to eat and what foods to avoid.

Please take the time now to consider if you will join Grace Church on the journey of praying and fasting for the next 21 days. I am confident that God will show up in your life like ever before.

Grace Church Daniel Fast Guide

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