Daniel Fast Day #1

Over the next 21 days, I will periodically give some updates and challenges to us as we journey this together.

It did not hit me until the evening of day #1 of the opportunities the Lord gave to share HIS hope and love to people. During the day, God gave 3 opportunities to share this hope. These people asked my what God’s will is/was and this led to some very cool short conversations with these individuals.

The challenge for us is to recognize and be sensitive to these opportunities as well as walk in obedience in sharing Jesus. In these cases, it was a kind word of encouragement while remaining true to the Gospel. After these conversations, these 3 people knew where I was a pastor at and was invited to worship with us.

So who are you praying for to invite? What opportunities is God giving you even today. As we journey forward with this fast pray and lean into the following:

1. God will use you to intercede, invest, and invite other to Jesus and Grace Church.
2. Individual and corporate repentance and turning toward Jesus in everything.
3. Spiritual and numerical spiritual growth of Grace Church

Lastly, I want to encourage you to be sensitive to those opportunities God is giving you each day to share HIS hope and love. If you miss them, do not beat yourself up. Recognize the missed opportunity and then move on. God will give you others…

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