At the end of last school year, I started a new routine with the kids. I started to pray over them before school. Sometimes this happens at home before we leave, but most of the time it happens in the car right before we walk up to the school. The response from my kids have been pretty cool. They can’t wait for this time. The have actually fought who would go first in receiving that days blessing. Now I pray a blessing over them at the same time (eliminating the fighting because brothers and sister never do that – HA!).

Amazing things are happening ever since we have started doing this. The kids attitude for school is changing, my temper in the mornings is not flaring up, and we are just having better mornings. Before, mornings were always a fight, I would always get frustrated, the kids would always get yelled at, and we were just dreading it. Now the kids crave this blessing and I crave giving it to them…

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