Sharing Jesus

I want to share with you the sermon from last Sunday as well as an article I just read. Both about being used by God to share our faith with others (both are at the bottom).

Since preparing for the sermon this past week, God has really convicted me to be on my knees more for those who are either: not followers of Jesus -OR- do not have a church home. Then to have the courage to talk to them about Jesus and/or being a part of a community of faith such as Grace Church.

People think I have a lot of this stuff figured out because I am a pastor. The truth is that my desire is there, but I often chicken out, say the wrong thing to people, or simply do not take the time to share when God opens that door.

My prayer is that this changes and that I am used even more by Jesus. The challenge is that we all equip ourselves and have the courage to share our faith. Lets all start by doing 3 simple things:

Interceding: Praying for those people who do not follow Jesus or have a faith community. (Matthew 9:35-38)

Investing: Serving these people in the name of Jesus. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Serving and authentically building relationships with others opens the door to Jesus

Inviting: Inviting them to Jesus is the most important thing. But also inviting them to journey with you/us at Grace is huge too. Take a look at The Story this can and will equip you in sharing Jesus.

Committing to walk through these 3 things will produce much fruit, and that is really what it is about – God using us to produce fruit (John 15).

Lets have courage and be used by Jesus together….

10 practical ways of sharing your faith

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