Monday Musing (3.10.2014)


I have been thinking about this, and I am going to jump in. Every Monday I always have thoughts and reflections of what Jesus did at Grace Church. Now I am going to start sharing them. Maybe they will come Tuesday or even Wednesday, but eventually they will get up as I develop this habit.

First – I am always exceed to worship at Grace Church. Every Sunday is special and sometimes the unusual happens that we can laugh, cry, and celebrate. One thing is for certain, Jesus shows up and transforms our hearts and lives every Sunday!

Spring Forward Sunday is always unique and yesterday was no exception. These days are always met with everyone a little but more tired because if the hour less of sleep. But yesterday – the sun was shinning (first time is almost 8-10 weeks) and it wasn’t snowing (first time in 8-10 weeks except 2 weeks ago). So I was extra pumped!

The funniest thing happened in quite a while during the 9:30am service and will go down in history as the “alarm clock” incident. Yes – an alarm clock went off during the sermon. At first, I thought it was somebodies cell phone. Then it kept going and I realized it was coming from behind me. The next thought – what praise team member left their cell phone on stage? I thought it would eventually go away if it was a cell phone. Well, it didn’t and I had to go hunting for what was making this noise. Sure enough – a alarm clock was going off. BTW – the video of this will be up on Facebook and here by the end of the week. It was funny and memorable.

I have to also give a shout out to all the people who serve in Paradise Island. They do an awesome job week in and week out. During the 11:30am service, they had more kids. Which is awesome and builds excitement. Way to go guys!

Here is the sermon from yesterday and I want to challenge all – start serving somewhere and be used by Jesus. Also, you can be used by Jesus to invite people to the cross and/or Grace Church with you. Either way, we all need to be used for HIS purposes…

Living the Gospel: GOSPEL FREEDOM (3.9.2014) from Grace Church on Vimeo.

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