Sharing Jesus…

We live in a culture where we think that sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is optional. If we are just good enough and attend church, then we are doing our “Christian duty.” But following Jesus is so much more, and God desire to use you in a more meaningful way. We read in scripture over and over that we need to share the Good News of Jesus to others.

But this is hard and scary. I want to share with you just a few resources to help equip all of us better. These resources are great websites, BUT – they have apps for both Apple and Droid. This means these can be taken where ever you go.

Dare 2 Share (
This is a youth ministry but I am surprised that these same outreach principles can be applied to adults.

Spread the Truth (
There are some awesome resources on this page, including “The Story” which is linked to my page as well as the Grace Church web page. They also have another app called “Questions in a box” which helps you start spiritual conversations with others, and another app called “Knowing Jesus” which has some really cool podcasts for your own spiritual growth.

Matthias Media (
This is a new site that I just found. They have an awesome app called “2 ways to live” which is very biblical. There is so much other stuff, like training and growth tools on this page, I have only begun to scratch the surface.

These 3 tools are a fantastic start to equip you in sharing Jesus with others. I also want to mention that all these apps are FREE – so there really is no excuse in taking these tools wherever you go and on whatever devise you have.

Lastly, using these tools are best when you build relationships with others and share the amazing news of Jesus face-to-face. God intends our lives to touch others with the Good News. Now, social media is a great tool to keep in contact with people and to stay connected. BUT – nothing takes the place of a face-to-face REAL relationship. Social media is not real relationships and if you desire to be used by God to advance HIS Kingdom, then the best way is face-to-face.

My prayer is that all who reads this is challenged and encouraged t use the tools that are readily available to us to advance HIS Kingdom. For us all to become “fishers of men”

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