Monday Musing (on a Tuesday – 4.8.2014)

God is moving and God is saving! Last week we celebrated 2 baptisms! It was time of reflection on our baptism and celebration with the individuals making a public declaration of their faith!

Also, the last 3 weeks at Grace Church – a individual each week have decided to follow Jesus! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! Jesus is drawing people to HIMSELF – giving eternal life! This means that each week for the last three, there was an awesome celebration in heaven for another person deciding to follow Jesus.

The vision of Grace Church is for more and more not only to make this decision, but to become passionate about Jesus with their lives. This is why I am always challenging us to intercede for people, invest in their lives, and invite them to Grace Church.

These things are evidence that Jesus is building HIS church and we give HIM praise. We are to be praying and looking for those opportunities to share our story (which Jesus is the hero) and HIS Story of salvation with others. We are faithful to the message, but we trust Jesus for the results…

Advance: YOUR STORY (4.6.2014) from Grace Church on Vimeo.

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