Easter Reflections

Easter was a fantastic day! At Grace Church, we celebrated the risen Christ by starting a new sermon series called “Explore God” Jesus touched many lives and I am very grateful.

As I have read Facebook posts, articles, and blog posts about Easter – my spirit is stirring inside me. Most of these internet projections focus on how many people came and sat in a pew or a chair and then call Easter a success. I saw one post form a church that averages 600 on a typical Sunday and then on Easter they saw over 2000 in their attendance. I get that we live in a culture that feeds church attendance only on Easter and/or Christmas. I get that every church saw people that they have never seen before and possibly won’t after that day, so we have to take advantage and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly.

This is why my spirit stirs. Every Sunday is Resurrection Sunday. This is the very reason why we gather for worship on Sunday. In the early church, they gathered to celebrate the resurrection every first day of the week – Sunday. So we should treat every Sunday with such importance and criticalness by inviting people to attend with us.

I am unbelievably proud of Grace Church. Because beyond the numbers I saw God’s Spirit work, move, minister, heal, and forgive on Easter Sunday. I saw people struggling who had spiritual breakthroughs. I saw a family with an ill son get prayed over by elders, leaders, and people with a deep love of Jesus. I saw God break people so they can be filled more with God’s love. I saw those who had nobody to lean on, get their burdens lifted by another. These were just the things I saw on Easter Sunday, this is not to mention the ministry taking place that I did not see. I am proud because this is happening every Sunday at Grace Church, not just on Easter Sunday.

BTW – if you are interested, we had 235 people in attendance and there were 11 people who trusted Jesus. We need to celebrate those 11 people, because that number is the most important number of the morning.

I can’t wait until we gather this Sunday at Grace Church and celebrate the risen Christ – in whom we have new life…

Explore God: DOES LIFE HAVE PURPOSE? (4.20.2014) from Grace Church on Vimeo.

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