What to wear on Easter?

Easter is always a time where people buy new cloths to wear to church. Woman may buy a new sunhat with matching dress, girls will get a new dress with “cute shoes”, boys may get a new short and slacks (which they hate wearing), and of course dad may get a new sports jacket and tie.

Is this really how Jesus intended us to celebrate HIS resurrection? Is this really how we go about celebrating the very action of a Holy God redeeming HIS crown jewel – humans? Is this how we treat the gift of new life, by buying new cloths so that we look good for others?

As we journey through Holy Week, we really need to take a double check on our hearts. You see, God the Father does not care what you wear – HE cares about your heart and how HE can transform it so that your LIFE (not what you wear) will reflect HIM and HIS character. This is not just for Easter, or even on any other Sunday. But this is a matter of a day by day, minute by minute transformation of our hearts so that we can love others more, serve HIM more recklessly, and have more courage to share HIS amazing grace to others. This is why we celebrate Easter.

I have had to double check my heart and my life. I was thinking about buying a new shirt for Easter, but God really gripped my heart and convicted me about seeking and loving HIM more, loving others freely, and courageously sharing the Gospel. So, as you journey this week, ask they following questions that revolve around Easter>

1. How can I love Jesus more?
2. How can I love and serve others more?
3. How can share the Gospel with others?
4. Who am I going to invite to worship with me this Easter?

These questions are simple and yet heart revealing. I think we need to be asking these questions, not only for Easter, but EVERY DAY. I think we should focus on these questions instead of wondering what we are going to wear to try to impress people, but how is my heart before a Holy God. I hope this Easter is transforming in your heart and life.

One thought on “What to wear on Easter?

  1. Yes Bruce I totally agree w/ U on the new clothes for Easter! I never bought a new dress or shoes! I just showed up @ a new Church 1 mile from my house the last 2 Sundays in a row and I truly believe God is transforming my heart! I went to the alter call This past Sunday! I am not saying I’m not coming to Grace anymore , just wanted something a tad closer!!! But God is awesome and I thank U especially 4 bringing me closer to thee! Praise His Name!!! Love, Judy Hatcher

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