Disney Lesson #1: Dream Big Dreams

Everywhere you go at Disney, you here, you see, you feel the power of vision. In fact they call it the power of a dream. The whole promise of Disney Land and Walt Disney World was conceived with a vision. A vision where Walt and his girls can go and have a good time together. Walt Disney took his girls out on fun outings but there was nothing for parents and kids to play and have fun together – then the dream of Disney Land was formed. Then over time, Walt Disney World came to be. Now the Disney empire owns a cruise line, Disney Japan, Disney Europe, Disney adventures, and early on Walt Disney bought the ABC network in which they still have significant stakes to this day. All this started with a vision to have fun with his children.

It says in Proverbs 29:18, “where there is no prophetic vision the people cast of restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law.” When there is no vision, people don’t care and will not invest their lives in. Disney has a huge vision and thousands and thousands of people have given their lives to this dream. The church should be bigger and have a bigger vision than Disney. But unfortunately we are satisfied at keeping the status quo and not reaching new people or even giving our lives completely to an Acts 2 church in which the vision is to reach more and more people and see more and more life transformation.

Also in Provers, it says, “commit your work to The Lord, and your plans will be established.” As we step into our future and desire our lives to be transformed and to see other lives transformed, our plans will be established. As we strive after this, we commit our work to Him and we make sure the vision lines up with scripture. We do not creat a vision by our selfs to see more people come to our establishment that is not rooted in scripture. If we do, then we are building our kingdom and not the kingdom of Jesus. The temptation is that we sell out and creat something that is very entertaining, slap on Jesus and say we are doing this great work for Him. Unfortunately, is is not biblical vision or a biblical dream.

The challenge that we face is answering the question, what is Gods dream for the ministry He has but me in? Or, what is Gods dream for my life to be used by Him to build His kingdom? What is the dream?

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