Disney Lesson #2: Talk To People

I learned a huge lesson form my daughter at Disney. Everywhere we went, she talked to people. She started conversations on the bus to and from our hotel. She started conversations with people in line. She was not shy, but bold.

Why can’t we be the same with the Gospel and starting spiritual conversations? Why can’t we be the same with people who we know where it should be easier to talk to. Maybe knowing someone is a hinderance. If so, then why not talk to people you don’t know? We are called and commanded to preach the Gospel everywhere we go and to all creation (Mark 16:15). Does this mean that people will bow to Jesus right then and there? Probably not, but we can plant that seed and allow Jesus to do what HE does. Remember, we need to be faithful to the message and trust the results to Jesus, because HE will build HIS church (Matthew 16:18).

So, who are you going to talk to today? Who are you going to build that bridge into to plant some Gospel seeds? The cool thing is, Jesus said that when we do this, HE will be with us (Matthew 28: 20). Have courage and happy planting…

One thought on “Disney Lesson #2: Talk To People

  1. AMEN! Yes and I believe it is the way we are to be Like Children they are innocent they if brought up in a good home and CHURCH around good people have no idea of being degraded insulted oppression so on The Old Cliche Out of the Mouth Of Babes….xo

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