Lessons from Disney #3: Evaluate Everything

Disney has people that stand around with a tablet and evaluate everything. They evaluate how ling it takes to go through certain lines. They evaluate dinning experiences. You see these people all over Disney; they are carrying a tablet and wearing kaki vests. They will even come up and ask for a survey as you are leaving the parks.

Now I am a dork. I must be the only person who goes up these people ask start a conversation. It was quite interesting talking to them and hearing how they research everything. If it needs changing, then it gets done. All to improve the Disney experience.

Now here is the lesson. We at the church don’t see things through fresh eye. We do not stop and evaluate the little details. By taking a few moments and surveying everything through fresh eyes, will go a long way in someone check Jesus out. Because before they listen about Jesus, they will look for a positive experience. The hard part in all this is sending out surveys to we can improve. I am learning that this can go a long way toward the mission of Jesus Christ.

Some survey sites may include Survey Monkey and I just found out that Google has a survey system as well. This will be a learn as you go for me. My prayer is that through some simple evaluation, we can continue to become better stewards of what Christ has given us.

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