Lessons from Disney #4: Details Matter

I could not believe that they pay attention to everything. What caught my attention to this was witnessing a worker scrubbing the cement because someone spilled some pop. Scrubbing pop. I also saw workers constantly organizing the shelves at every store, so that the shelves look fully stocked and organized all the time.

Now I am not a details person. I am a big picture vision type person. So, I need those around me to look at the details and follow through on the details. When these details are taken care of, then the whole body looks organized. So here is the lesson – what details are missing around you? Is the church clean? Is there proper signage? Is there things out of place making things look cluttered? These little things make a huge difference. Now there a lot of other details, you just need to get a details person to serve in their giftedness.

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