Lessons from Disney #6: Constantly Improve

Everywhere you go, you see Disney building something new and/or making adjustments.

Right before I started to type this, my wife read me an article about all the changes that Disney is working on in the next 2 years. Man, are there a lot of changes! Name changes, attraction changes, dinner option changes, and the lost goes on. The bottom line is that Disney is in a constant atmosphere of improvements and changes.

The lesson here is that we MUST be wiling to change t be more effective. The whole Gospel of Jesus Christ is about change. HIS Holy Spirit changes us from the inside out. If HE doesn’t, then we are stagnant in our relationship with HIM. Then we would be considered lukewarm.

Here is the hard one. The church MUST be willing to change. In fact, most churches are unwilling to change and thus become lukewarm and even disobedient to Jesus Christ. Everything changes – EXCEPT the Gospel message of Jesus Christ! So we must be wiling to change as individuals and as a community of faith. Then we can see more fruit in our lives and in the ministry of the church – the Bride of Jesus.

Change is good!

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