1001 + Ways to learn Theology

Continuing a short series in response to an article written by the seminary I earned my Master of Divinity through. You can read the article here (It is a really good read).

It is amazing to me that traditional seminaries still think there is only 1 way to obtain theological information. We live in a very technical society where the world is getting smaller and smaller by the minute. Other professions and graduate level universities are all understanding that you can get advanced degrees via online or distance learning. Yet, a large portion of seminaries (the one still stuck on old school ways) refuse to use technology for the Glory of God. They still believe classroom study, memorize content for test, and spew out information for said test is still the best way to learn.

There are 1001 + ways to learn and grow in your theological understanding no matter what your theological bent is. There are tons of seminaries that offer their courses FREE on places like iTunes. There are other places that have actually created apps for your mobile devises specifically targeted to learn and grow in your theological understanding. Most of these are completely free for the user.

Just to tell you a little bit about my story. As you already know, I have earned a Master of Divinity at Rockbridge Seminary. I am also currently taking other graduated level courses because some (not all) feel that this degree is not sufficient for theological understanding. So I feel this tension between traditional seminary and new paradigm seminaries like Rockbridge on a regular basis. But seminaries like this go against the traditional norm. The classes that I was told I needed to take really don’t lead anywhere except that I took them. They don’t lead to any degree whatsoever. So, because of this tension and reality, I have sought out other institutions to further my education and theological understanding. I had to go in prayer and seek the direction of Jesus Christ to start a path that is best FOR ME AND MY WALK, not an institutions. Just a short list of seminaries I have found that have great content and fit well for those already engaged in ministry are as follows:

Rockbridge Seminary
The North American Reformed Seminary
Whitefield Theological Seminary
Columbia Evangelical Seminary

These are if you desire to earn a degree, but there are those that just offer courses so that you can learn and grow without earning a degree. Some (short list) are as follows:

Third Millennium Ministries
Biblical Training
The Gospel Coalition
Ligonier Ministries

Now all these pretty much come from a reformed theological perspective, and I only share these few to make a point. There are a bunch of ways to learn theology – not just one. We also have to keep in mind that when this life is all said and done, we will not be judged based on how much education and knowledge we have, but fruit bearing with repentance. I think traditional seminaries really need to keep that in mind…

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