Being Equipped for Ministry

I read this article about online seminaries:

All Online Theology Degrees are not the Same

And then I wrote this Facebook Post:

“What a FANTASTIC article! I am so grateful for getting my Master of Divinity through Rockbridge Seminary – Being someone who has earned this degree and has been/is taking courses from a traditional seminary in a distance formate, I cannot tell how how much truth is written here. With technology there are more than 1001 + ways to get the theological information but only one way to get ministry experience. I think of Jesus sending out the 12 (Matthew 10, Mark 6, & Luke 9) as well as sending out the 72 (Luke 10). Jesus knew that in order to be effective in ministry you must have faith while doing (James 2). I am opinionated on this topic and have much to say, but for now – I am so grateful for Rockbridge Seminary equipping me for effective ministry (BTW – I hold ZERO student loan balances for my Master of Divinity)”

YES – I am opinionated about my seminary experience – I LOVED IT! I serve in an amazing denomination and have found a home. But there is a downfall. I don’t fit the typical mold in regards to denominational education standards. I have so many thoughts about this and so I will be writing a series of posts (based on my experience and opinion) that looks at various aspects of being equipped for fruitful ministry and seminary education.

To start off, I will say that if you are called into ministry, you should always be looking at furthering your education. Get the undergrad, continue to get your Masters, and if at all possible get your Doctorate. But we need to realize that Jesus will NEVER ask if people if their education is accredited! It is all about the fruit in ministry! Unfortunately, us humans look at to see if the seminary has a particular accreditation and if it does not, then it is essentially worthless. That may sound harsh, but that is exactly what was told of me and the Master of Divinity I hold. The reality is that the tail needs to stop wagging the dog: seminaries need to start looking to equip men and woman for mission and ministry throughout the globe. I am convinced that this accreditation is more about money than equipping people for the cause of Jesus Christ. This should not surprise us because the human heart is so greedy. You maybe thinking that I am being harsh, and say “Hey, I have a seminary degree with this accreditation.” That is fine if God has led you in that direction, HE just didn’t lead me there and I come about this from a different angle. I am saying that people need to stop cramming others into a very old school mold.

There are many challenges with a traditional seminary education and I truly believe that there is a fresh wind blowing because I see more and more people gravitating toward non traditional seminaries and being equipped to serve jesus in amazing ways.

One thought on “Being Equipped for Ministry

  1. I agree totally with what you said. In fact, I believe that all believers should be equipped enough to defend the truth and win more believers to the Kingdom. Maybe not to the point of attending seminary, but more for marketplace ministry.

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