RCA Ordination Exams… COMPLETE!!!

Last week was quite a week! I finished up the exam requirements for my ordination in the Reformed Church in America (RCA). A huge burden was lifted off my shoulders as the Great Lakes City Classis sustained (or passed) the remaining exams. This has been a process that I have been engaged in for over 5 years now and am so glad it is done. I am so grateful for those who journeyed this with me and continue to journey as we partner in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, namely the Great Lakes City Classis and the Grace Church Family – thank you and I look forward to seeing Jesus Christ’s mission accomplished in and through us!

I have learned a lot through this whole process. Mainly the value of relationship, and there are two sides of this coin. On one side there are those who supported and encouraged me and continue to be those people that I will partner in the mission of Jesus (namely Grace Church and the Great Lakes City Classis). On the other side, there really wasn’t any relationship or partnership. It was basically non-existent. I am not saying anything bad, it was just my reality, It is my opinion and experience that relationship and partnership needs to be there for the mission of Jesus to move forward on ALL levels of any processes related to the organism Jesus established called the church. Whether that is a local expression or any denomination that desires the Gospel to be preached throughout the whole world (Acts 1:8). Life changes always, always, ALWAYS happens in the context of a relationship and not a program or process. All I can say is that equipping future leaders of the church needs to revolve around relationships and if it doesn’t maybe the process / program needs to be changed.

Where do I go from here? This is a good question. There are a couple things I need to finish up and will press on to do so. Passing these exams, however, has freed me to pursue areas that I have put on hold for far too long. In fact, there is a measure of disobedience because I got caught up in appeasing a group of people that really were never a part of my life and probably won’t be in the future. So I will no longer attempt to please man, but will strive to please Jesus Christ and pursue those areas HE has called me to pursue over 4 years ago.

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