Family Music (Worship)


I am so excited! We got our kids beginner guitars for Christmas this past year. So for the past several weeks, we spend time on Monday learning how to play. They are doing great! I am also excited for the possibilities this will produce. The kids are already asking when they can start playing worship music and this warms my heart. Soon we will be having worship in our house as we pick up our guitars and praise Jesus!

We also have goals to learn how to play drum and piano. I can’t wait for the day when we as a family are our own praise band. Is this lofty? I don’t think so, but it will take hard work knowing that the fun is in the journey of learning and not the destination.

I am very proud of my kids for desiring this and this spurs me to learn even more. It has been over 12 years (or so) when I played guitar on a regular basis. Their goals have encouraged me to learn the drums, bass guitar, and piano myself (3 items on my Life Goals). This does mean that I will have to get new strings for my guitars because my fingers really hurt after playing 🙂

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