21 Days of Prayer and Fasting recap

A couple weeks ago, we finished our annual 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting at Grace Church. I have been doing this discipline for several years now, but this year was especially meaningful to me. My mind is still pondering all the awesome stuff God showed me through this years fast. Here is a quick snap-shot at what I learned:

  1. I don’t need a fast to seek Christ and that I need to spend significant time each day in His Word and prayer.
  2. I will need to engage in this spiritual discipline more often than once a year while praying through specific spiritual breakthroughs at and within Grace Church.
  3. Christ has shown me the Life Goals I will need to strive after (this will be a future post).
  4. Grace Church is on the right path at finishing our “church unique” with a vision especially shaped by Christ for Grace Church.


This may not look like a lot, but there is a larger picture behind the above bullet points. I think of an iceberg and the only thing that is visible on the surface of the water is the tip. That is what I see when I look at the above points – the top of the iceberg.


So I am excited about continuing to learn and grow closer to Christ, and seeing His vision being played out at Grace Church.

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