Successful People

1917492_1090534890957807_2299182816558258073_nI came across this picture at a time that I was really thinking about developing specific goals in my life. What transpired was the writing of my Life Goals (forthcoming post). As I read this little picture, I came to the realization that I spent a lot of time in the red, especially watching TV and never setting any goals. I needed to ask The Lord to change that. I believe He is doing just that. This change is not an outside-in change that I have to become a better person. But an inside-out transformation to be a more effective instrument in God’s hands.

This hit me so hard, I made sure my kids had a copy of this in their work stations at home. My desire is for them to be successful and this was the best definition I could find.

So I hope this encourages and challenges you to become more successful.

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