Your Passion For People

Level-Up-LogoThis past Sunday at Grace Church, we learned what it takes to level up our passion for people. The reality is that there are people walking through life all around us that do not know Jesus and are living hopeless lives. We are also very consumed by our own lives; our own desires, our own struggles, our own hurts, our own pleasures.

At the heart of our passion, not only for people around us, but life in general is our passion for Jesus Christ. Everything in life is born our of our passion for God. We need to nurture a hunger and thirst for righteousness in our lives. When this happens, our hearts grow larger for the things of God – especially a passion for everyone around us.

The struggle within this is that we desire more of God’s stuff than God Himself. We want His blessing without confession and repentance of the known sin in our lives. The thing that we fail to remember is that Christ will forgive, heal, and redeem all the dark spaces of our lives – if only we bring them to light.

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