A Biblical Theology of Revival

Below is a GREAT video of Tim Keller as he explains a Biblical Theology of Revival. As soon as I listened to (via podcast) and watched this teaching, my heart jumped. Below the video is a brief outline of the whole talk.


2 Approaches to revival: 

  • Frontier = scheduled revival (revivalism)
  • Pentecostal = focus on the coming of the extraordinary gifts (healing, tongues, etc)


Biblical Definition of Revival = Intensification of the ordinary gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • Conviction of sin
  • Conversion
  • Giving of assurance
  • Sanctification (holy living)


During a Revival (Beautifies the Church): 

  • Sleepy Christians wake up (brings repentance, conviction of sin, assurance)
  • Nominal Christians get converted
  • Hard to reach non-Christians get brought to the faith


Theological Marks of Revival: 

  • Some version of a sense in which the Gospel is recovered from error (between legalism and antinomianism – the Gospel become center)
  • Sense of repentance
  • Anointed corporate worship
  • Always Church growth
  • Extraordinary prayer (beyond the ordinary – praying for kingdom advancement and less on needs)
  • NOTE: Keller is not talking about programs


How do you get revival? 

  • Keller answers – You go after the above theological marks. You seek to recover the Gospel. You ask for anointed worship… And whether God sends it or not is actually up to Him.

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