Bible Reading Struggles

I was so proud of myself about a month ago. I finished reading the whole bible in 6 months. One of my life goals is to read the whole bible at least once a year, and I finished it in less than 6 months! Now, I say all this not to get a pat on the back but as a lead in to what I learned since then.

Since finishing I have read only 10 chapters of one book. I have gone to the high of finishing scripture right down to the discouragement of struggling to open it on a daily basis. I am very discouraged to say the least. But it hit me today as I forced myself to read at least one chapter while I had my coffee – Following a reading plan really helps with accountability. Some get discouraged because they start a reading plan and fall instantly behind and then the bible goes right back on the shelf until they next New Years Day. But I followed a 5 day-a-week plan and then doubled it up and read on Saturday’s. You can use this reading plan here:

Now I say all this because most people struggle getting into scripture on a daily basis. Lets be honest, we are all busy and we allow other to take control of our schedules (a topic for another day). It seems that it is taking me more energy to re-open the bible to continue to read (thus allowing the Holy Spirit to transform me) each and every day. It is a struggle. I keep asking myself – how can I break out of this? Well, the answer was right in front of me the whole time – start over with your bible reading plan. Get excited about the Holy Spirit teaching you! Keep pressing on.

So, with the help of Christ, this is what I am going to do. The struggle is real for all of us. I pray you find encouragement to open your bible and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you. I am confident that Christ will not disappoint us.


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