Pokemon and Jesus

OK – so before we went on vacation as a family in July, everyone was going crazy about Pokemon Go. Even churches were sucked into this craze.

There where articles written about how to increase your Sunday attendance because if this game. There were churches advertising about themselves being a Poke’ stop.

Then we came home from vacation (I am intentional at unplugging – literally while on vacation). There were no more articles. The blogs were silent. The outreach strategists had nothing to say. Why is this? The only reason I can come up with is – it doesn’t work! Life change always ALWAYS ALWAYS happens in the context of a relationship. Never through a program and certainly not through a mobil phone app. Some may argue that I am old fashioned and not culturally relevant. I would argue though; trusting in a fadish game for your outreach strategy lacks faith. The Scriptures give us the strategy to reach people: The Holy Spirit will come upon you and you will be witnesses throughout the whole world (Acts 1:8 paraphrase). We don’t need a game to reach people, Jesus cannot be reduced to a fad that is here today and gone tomorrow. Even some reading this will say to themselves, “well pokemon go is old news anyway.” My point proven!

Jesus is not a gimmic – He is our saviour!

End of rant 🙂


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