Why I Am Not Political?

A 9-year old asked me a couple of weeks ago, “are you for Trump or Hillary?” I told them that this was the wrong question. The proceeded to ask me if I care about our future? WHAT??? this was from 9-YEAR OLD!!!!

I still believe they are asking the wrong question. The right question is, How can I deepen my life in Christ? This is by far the most intriguing, anxiety filled, amazing, and entertaining elections most (if not all) of us have ever seen.

I have seen and read, and been utterly discouraged and disgusted, by the Facebook and Blog posts from Christian leaders regarding this election. I even saw a local Detroit pastor post on Facebook that if other pastors and Christian leaders do not take a stand and share other Facebook posts about politics that they are not leading in a Christ-like way. That we should take to Facebook and other social media outlets to share how much we disagree with the social stands Washington has taken as well. I guess I do not lead in a Christ-like way!

Here is a question for all of us: where do we place our hope? Where do we REALLY place our hope? If you are reading this and are a Christ-follower, then the answer should be in Jesus Christ. By Facebook and other social media, I cannot tell that it is. By those posts, I see you place your hope in whoever takes residence in the White House. This is a shame. And for Christian leaders who say otherwise – who are we pointing people too?

The reality is that God the Father places people in leadership and takes them out – at all levels of leadership! In the book of First and Second Kings, the Nation Israel had all really bad Kings. The Nation Judah, however, had some really good Kings and really bad kings. Now the United States is not Israel and Judah and should never be compared to such. BUT, Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords then, now, and for eternity. This is who we should place our hope in. Not in political system (that will fail), and definitely not in an individual.

Let me ask again – where do you place your hope? Why am I not political? Because my prayer is that I look to Jesus Christ more than man and I am able to point others to His empty tomb, in all aspects of my life. God help me in this because I fail more than you realize. This is more important than politics…

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