Purpose Driven Church & me (Part II)

The last post I mentioned that I strayed away from the PDC philosophy and theology of ministry. I noticed that a lot of other church growth “stuff” got my attention.

You know, the ones that give the opportunity to attend a free webinar that ends up being an hour commercial about their product. Then you are on the email list and that organization bombards your inbox with the latest and greatest as well as the discounted price for their product. What I noticed about a lot of these ministries, their focus was very “gimmicky.” Most were all about adding the number to your attendance. No, please do not misunderstand – churches need to be growing numerically. Those who say they don’t focus on numbers – usually don’t have them anyway.

With the Purpose Driven model – the Gospel is central, not gimmicks. It is about making disciples, not converts. It is about conversion growth, not swapping the sheep. I don’t want to be misunderstood. These ministries love Jesus and desire the church to grow. In my opinion, they are going about it wrong and become a distraction for me.

So I am excited about really starting fresh and being energized in my leadership. I look forward to seeing what Jesus does with His Church in Allen Park – Grace Church…

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