Baptism Reflection

So last week we had an awesome Baptism celebration at Grace Church. This made me reflect on the baptism celebration we had a couple of months ago at Grace.

During this celebration, I had the honor and privilege to baptize my 2 children. This was a great profession of faith. I was there when both of them decided to follow Jesus. I am so grateful that I will be spending eternity with them. My prayer is now that they continue to grow in sanctification, that Christ continues to form their character. My heart was so full that they made this public declaration of their faith. But I also knew that the lifelong journey of discipleship is now ahead of us.

I am convinced that not many fathers are used to lead their children to Jesus. There are many many reasons for this, and I guess it can be summarized very simply: Jesus isn’t a priority. Everything else is a priority ahead of Jesus Christ and HIS gospel into our families.

My goal for writing this simple post is this: fathers – step it up and put Jesus Christ a priority in your family! I am also saying this from the point of view that I am still striving to figure this out in my family. But I am not going to stop figuring it out. You shouldn’t either.


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