Delight in Jesus

I have a new favorite season. Its this season, football season. But its not why you think. A lot of people are excited for the start of college ball and others the NFL. I am excited because My son has decided to play and this is his first year.

My daughter has also decided to be a cheerleader for her brothers team. To say she is extremely excited is a total understatement. We have heard cheers and new cheers and made up cheers every day for the last 3 weeks. It is pretty awesome.

My son is excited to play football. He never really gravitated to baseball and he was no soccer player. Football is a strategy sport which is right up Noah’s alley. He likens it to full contact chess.

The excitement is brewing in our house because tomorrow (September 9, 2017) is their first game. There is a “buzz” as we prepare right now for their last practice before the game.

All this makes my heart happy for a lot of various reasons. It also made me think. God our Father delights in us when we are delighting in life. Jesus said that He came so that we have have life abundantly. Now I know that He is talking about eternal life. But, there are things in this life that we can take delight in. Do we take delight in sin? We better not!  (and deserves another whole post) God the Father takes delight in His children, just like I am delighting in my children’s excitement for this season.

I am also am excited that this is not just another football team. This is a family. This is discipleship. This is a brotherhood. Downriver Wolfpack is very intentional about praying for and with the players, and pointing the whole game to Christ. Not only does the football team do this, so does the cheer squad. I believe that God is delighted that His children are seeking Him and having fun doing it. Go Wolfpack!

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