25 Years Today

Today marks the 25th anniversary I was discharged from the US Navy.

Boy – does time fly!

When I was discharged, I had direction in life and I was a little bit more grown-up than when I first enlisted. I was going to be an electrical engineer and started down this path. The Lord, on the other hand, had different plans for me. He wanted to to serve Him in full time Christian service as a Pastor. I fought this, but eventually submitted to God and His plan for me life.

I do still lean into the lessons I learned in the Navy. This is where I learned leadership and a chain of command. That I need to respect those in authority above me. You can still have an opinion (I am opinionated), but still have respect for the chain of command.

I learned discipline. I wish I had more of it in my life today, but deep down I know where I can get it. There is a reason why it’s called discipline. Because you need to constantly do it.

The funny thing is that I still fold my t shirts the same way I learned in Boot Camp. In fact I taught my wife to fold them that way and that is just how we dot it.

I am very grateful for the time I spent in the Navy. At first, I wasn’t that proud to have served. It was just something I did. As the years go by, a deep pride had developed in my heart because of my service. I also appreciate more those who have served before and after me in the military. I look back with fond memories of my time aboard the USS Nimitz. I sometimes think about the stuff I did and think that I was unbelievably stupid.  I am thankful for Facebook to be connected to those I served with as well.

25 Years is something that I am just trying to get my head around. Because it makes me feel old.

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