Daniel Fast Day #2

I thought this day was going to be a pretty slow day. Boy, was I wrong.

I spent the day at Grace Church to start on a lot of regular weekly routine stuff: staff meeting, preliminary sermon prep, etc..

God had other things in store. We had someone who came to the church that needed prayer and ministry. God used me as well as another person to pray over, with, and minister to this individual. We invited them back to Grace for worship and got a phone number to follow up with them.

In a later conversation with another individual, I was reminded about the power of prayer. In the book of Daniel, Daniel prayed and then heaven moved. Michael was restrained by the Prince of Persia for 21 days for attending to Daniel (Daniel 10:10-14). We need to remember that when we pray, God does hear and will act. It may not be in our timing, but God is never late.

Continue to pray for:
1. Individual and corporate repentance
2. YOU being used by GOD to advance HIS Kingdom (not yours)
3. Spiritual and numerical growth of Grace Church

You guys are doing a great job and God does hear your prayers….

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