Daniel Fast Recipes

Daniel Fast Recipes

I have included a book with some recipes for the Daniel Fast. There was observation I had. There has been a question regarding bread. This book says absolutely no bread – including Ezekiel Bread. I would disagree with this and you can include this. This book cites the reason is that it has yeast. We have to remember that the Israelites could not have yeast during Passover. This did not apply when Daniel fasted.

I also want to remind you that fasting is NOT about what foods you can or cannot have. It is about getting closer to Jesus and giving HIM more space in your life to work. We fast to be intentional about seeking Jesus for individual and corporate repentance, our spiritual growth, and us being used by HIM for HIS purposes (not ours). This purpose is to see more and more people come to follow Jesus in their lives. We also fast so we can grow spiritually and numerically at Grace Church.

I hope you enjoy these recipes…

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