Daniel Fast Day #3


This is best word that described this day. I do not know if it is because I am very hungry or spiritual attack. I believe it is probably a little bit of both. As the day progressed and even into today (day #4), I am coming to the realization that the core of my frustration is spiritual – it is about what I am not doing for Jesus in being used to reach more people, because the day started with meeting new people.

I will admit it. I have not been regularly reaching out to people. I have only do when it is convenient for me. This needs to change in my life!. This is why I am frustrated. I am frustrated with myself. Over the fist few days of this fast, God has put opportunities in front of me to share HIS hope and plant some seeds. Day #3 was about conviction. I have not been praying, looking, and leaning into opportunities to share Jesus like I should. I have not been serving like I should.

This will be changed in my life. Thank you Jesus for convicting and showing me the way that I should be leaning into: interceding, investing, and inviting.

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