Monday Musing (4.14.2014)

The first day of Holy Week! This week is a great time to reflect on what Jesus did for us. We should actually reflect and give thanks every day for this. But Holy Week is an extra special time. I pray that we al prepare our hearts for Friday and get ready for celebration on Sunday!

Yesterday at Grace was an awesome day! Every Sunday is special because we celebrate the Resurrection every Sunday – that is why we worship on Sunday’s. We are all commissioned and commanded to go and share God’s story to a world in desperate need of hope. Before we even share, do others see the hope in you? Are you changed in a way that others see? Jesus is in the business of transforming our lives – every moment of every day and every day of the week. When we are being transformed and sharing this transformation with others, it makes Sunday gatherings all the more special.

As we journey this week, keep praying for Sunday and do not forget to share this amazing story of Jesus and HIS resurrection so you and I can have life this week (and every week thereafter)…

Advance: HIS STORY (4.13.2014) from Grace Church on Vimeo.

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